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BPM platform

BPM platform (business process management system) is a set of process combing, modeling, integration, operation, monitoring, analysis, optimization of the whole cycle management, is suitable for various industries (Low-Code) application construction platform。 BPM is an indispensable process infrastructure in an enterprise's SOA architecture strategy by connecting the whole business scenario, enabling enterprise digital transformation and driving business digitalization。

Automotive finance Solutions

Focusing on the business core system of auto finance customers, Yintaisi provides a full range of customized services such as IT consulting, core optimization, peripheral assistance, and function customization, and has created a multi-dimensional technical solution of "from the front desk incoming part management, to the middle desk asset management, to the back office post-loan management"。

RPA(Robotic Process Automation)

RPA, as a virtual digital workforce, realizes automation in business processes by simulating and enhancing the interaction process between humans and computers (user systems), so as to efficiently and accurately complete specific work needs。 RPA can use and integrate existing technologies to achieve the goal of enterprise business process automation。

System development and integration

Focusing on the business core system of auto finance customers, Yintaisi provides comprehensive customized services such as IT consulting, core optimization, peripheral assistance, function customization, etc., and has created a multi-dimensional technical solution of "from the front office to the back office to the collection management"。

BPM Core Benefits

Formulate the process strategy from the development strategy of the enterprise, decompose the strategic indicators into the target system of the process, and realize the landing of the strategy through the process;
Organize, design and optimize business processes according to process strategy;Implement business processes by adjusting organizational structures and information systems。

Simple process configuration

Users can quickly configure BPM process development, and complete the adaptation of page functions through a rich library of components。

Drag-and-drop form design

Provide built-in rich UI drag and drop components, greatly improve the development efficiency。

Unified Process Center (PC)

The entire process is visualized, integrated in the process center, and can be quickly viewed and previewed。

Unified Mobile Portal (APP)

Unified mobile portal, employees secure access to all mobile applications and data。

BPM standard

  • Integration capabilities that meet SOA standards
    To achieve loose coupling, distribution, failover and extensibility on the enterprise service bus, the interface import can be any combination and orchestration。
  • Database JDBC integration
    Quickly generate standard Web services from data tables, views, and stored procedures in the database。
  • Distributed connector mechanism
    Late Binding + distributed architecture provides good load balancing and high availability。
Support for multiple BPM standards, support for manual, automated and hybrid processes, support for the design, modeling and execution of various process patterns integrated rule engines。

Our Services

The company provides customized software development services for large customers such as domestic and foreign manufacturers
Covers all aspects of factory production and management, including production, finance, procurement, warehousing, equipment, personnel management, etc。

Multi-tenant model policy

A multi-tenant model must incorporate tenant-specific business logic within a single application,Only multi-tenancy within a single application can be provided,It does not provide a development and running platform that can develop a variety of multi-tenant applications,BPS provides a development and operation platform,It can provide multi-tenant platform deployment and technical support from 1st to 6th。

Multi-tenant deployment architecture

Standard SaaS applications deployed by System share can be used by all tenants. System resources independently allocated to private tenants and deployed private SaaS applications are exclusively used by private tenants。

Clustering and High Availability Framework (No-Stop)

Support server cluster, each node in the cluster through the Gossip protocol to establish and obtain the status information table of other servers, according to the status of each node, to allocate tasks between normal nodes。

Linear scaling for performance growth

The technology of connecting stateless information and XML object with stateless information is adopted,Eliminates the overhead of having to maintain connectivity state between systems in traditional distributed architectures,As the number of servers on the platform increases,Overall performance does not degrade,On the contrary,The overall performance will show a linear growth trend。

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