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BPM platform

BPM platform (business process management system) is a set of process combing, modeling, integration, operation, monitoring, analysis, optimization of the whole cycle management, is suitable for various industries (Low-Code) application construction platform。 BPM is an indispensable process infrastructure in an enterprise's SOA architecture strategy by connecting the whole business scenario, enabling enterprise digital transformation and driving business digitalization。

Automotive finance Solutions

Focusing on the business core system of auto finance customers, Yintaisi provides a full range of customized services such as IT consulting, core optimization, peripheral assistance, and function customization, and has created a multi-dimensional technical solution of "from the front desk incoming part management, to the middle desk asset management, to the back office post-loan management"。

RPA(Robotic Process Automation)

RPA, as a virtual digital workforce, realizes automation in business processes by simulating and enhancing the interaction process between humans and computers (user systems), so as to efficiently and accurately complete specific work needs。 RPA can use and integrate existing technologies to achieve the goal of enterprise business process automation。

System development and integration

Focusing on the business core system of auto finance customers, Yintaisi provides comprehensive customized services such as IT consulting, core optimization, peripheral assistance, function customization, etc., and has created a multi-dimensional technical solution of "from the front office to the back office to the collection management"。

Auto finance

  • Auto finance entry BOP system
    Comprehensively optimize the auto finance entry process, integrate the original core system, image, scoring and other systems, simplify the operation of the store and audit post, achieve automatic approval, and improve the entry efficiency and user experience。
  • Collection management system
    Yintaisi auto finance collection system,It provides comprehensive and perfect collection management functions,Covers the full life cycle management of post-loan collection,Including system management, case management, collection management, field management, outsourcing management, litigation management, cancellation management, interface management, rule management, batch management and other modules,Through the system embedded workflow engine and rules engine,Users can easily and flexibly customize the collection process and business policies,The system provides highly automated control of complex collection operations and processes,Reduce the complexity and error of manual operation。
  • Automobile financial information surrounding
    Asset management subsystem, commission management, file management, etc。


  • Financial lease management
    A whole-process business system with customers as the center and leased property as the core, integrating leasing business processing, risk management and financial accounting, providing support and guarantee for marketing, efficiency improvement and decision analysis;Comprehensively improve the standardized management, quantitative management and risk management of business processes。
  • Trust management
    Based on the comprehensive process IT architecture, the system construction from "productization" to "platformization" is realized, the business logic is separated from the underlying code, and the application is loosely coupled, which improves the rapid response of IT to business requirements and the iterative updating of products, enabling and enhancing the efficiency of business development。
  • Private fund management
    Support the management of various types of funds before, during and after investment, cover the management of the whole life cycle of the fund, help the fund do a good job of "fundraising, investment, management and withdrawal", multidimensional report analysis function, and quickly obtain various investment data at the level of funds, investors and projects。


  • BPM System (Business Process Management System)
    To build an efficient electronic, standardized and standardized process management system of enterprises, covering the whole life cycle of process management, supporting massive business, optimizing enterprise process processing, and improving office efficiency of the digital platform, is the strategic support platform for enterprise process management。
  • Contract management
    Based on process control, it provides comprehensive negotiation records, contract drafting, template establishment, contract approval, contract signing, contract change, contract performance, expiration reminder and statistical analysis of contract information and other functions to help enterprises establish a complete contract management system and collaboration mechanism。
  • Operation management platform (Business core system construction)
    It is a core information platform that takes enterprise business management process as the main line, builds process management of the whole business life cycle, accelerates business operation and control, summarizes process data in real time, and supports business decision-making。


  • Financial media content management system
    Build a "two micro end" all-media publishing platform for enterprise users,Create a one-stop service system for resource aggregation, storage, editing, retrieval and application,Through various media and content resources inside and outside the enterprise,Form a new media matrix,Achieve multi-platform personalized publishing and comprehensive management and control of enterprise media resources,Promote enterprise brand publicity, product promotion, online drainage business innovation。
  • Foreign affairs management system
    It covers the whole process management system of important foreign affairs such as business visits, electronic licenses, foreigners coming to China, correspondence management, and foreign affairs reception, providing comprehensive data analysis from multiple angles and providing a complete decision-making basis for foreign affairs management。
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