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Beijing Yintai Computer Technology Co., LTD

Beijing Intasect Computer Technology Co., Ltd.

What you need to know about Beijing Yintaisi?

Beijing Yintaisi Computer Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Yintaisi"),It was founded in June 2006,Beijing Yintaisi is a comprehensive technical service provider professional IT services and solutions provider,To provide customers with advanced enterprise information consulting and implementation services,It is a national high-tech enterprise。

Based on rich project implementation experience and technical human resources, Beijing Yintais has been providing professional software products, IT management consulting, customized development and implementation services, and industry solutions for customers in automotive finance, insurance, supply chain finance and other industries, as well as large and medium-sized enterprise groups。

Beijing Yintaisi will combine the development experience of international and domestic software enterprises,Continue to adhere to the "pursuit of excellence and outstanding" enterprise development purposes,With personalized products and first-class service,Help clients face the challenges of an uncertain business environment,Realize the perfect combination of enterprise business and IT technology,The company will leverage its strong customer base and brand strength,Continue to develop world-class enterprise management software products and e-commerce solutions,Create value for customer growth。

IntaSect is named after "intersection" (intersection), which refers to the integration of various cultures and opinions, representing the new energy generated when different elements and cultures meet。

Tan YufengFounder and CEO of Intesis

Our purpose

To provide customers with more value-added services。


Break the information island, solve the unstructured governance "multiple", "scattered" and "chaotic"。

  • Fast process configuration development
  • Unified office communication portal
  • Perfect security management platform


Strengthen content security governance and compliance audit management to ensure that nothing goes wrong。

  • Continuous improvement
  • Pursuit of excellent quality
  • Create value for customers


Support mobile and collaborative communities, seamless integration of mainstream applications, and protect investment value。

  • Equality and inclusiveness
  • Mutual benefit and win-win
  • Grow with business partners


Intesis provides a full range of customized software development services for the financial industry and manufacturing industry。

  • Software customization development ideas
  • IT operation and maintenance services
  • BPO service
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